The name of Cerin Amroth

The Cerin Amroth is a mound in Lothlórien. Here are engaged on Mitsommerevening 2980 D.Z. Aragorn and Arwen Undómiel. In the years 120 V.Z. Arwen dies, shortly after the death of Aragorn, on this hill.
It was named after Amroth Cerin Amroth, who lived there his love for Nimrodel on the type of forest elves.

Source: Tolkien, Tolkien's open Enzeklopedie

About Me and my cats

We, that are Arwen, Gustav, Glentara, Kaia,Brego Quontiki, Illmare, Bella,Tar-Miriel, Naomi, Nienna, Espen, Elin, Altair ,Petunia, Serni and  Rumil and our human Tanja. And ever in my heart in loving memory 
Tikanoja, Ice Bear , Donnamira and Aragorn.

We all live on the outskirts of the city of Wuppertal in a comfortable big house with lots of greenery around it. We have an outdoor enclosure where we can let off steam. The "boys" Ice Bear and Gustav have their own empire with secure balcony.
To visit again and again by the "girls" that we all never lose sight of and never lose contact with each other!

Here we live all together!
Here we live all together!

Tanja can be a fabulous cuddler and feed formulators and playing with it you also really great.
But we can tell ourselves the story of Tanya once, now how it all began:

I have always had pets, but would have never thought that I would someday have cats, let alone me so hard to deal with it ...

But it all changed ...
Gesäät was the desire to learn more about cats, or just about this one particular breed than I had seen a famous movie by a cat happens to me on the basis of their size and appearance was so fascinating that I immediately fell in love with her.
So I set out to explore what it was because of a cat.
So I went to my first cat exhibition, emigrated there from cage to cage, compared the two races (as in the movie it is a different breed than the Norwegian Forest Cat), asked the breeders holes in the stomach and landed there before the end the cages of the Norwegian Forest Cats ...


Well, was later to be exact, after 16 weeks, then so far, my first two Norwegian forest cat went to my house, Aragorn and Arwen.

It was love at first sight, although both were all rather reserved in each of the many visits to the breeder.
The time of growing velvet paws of the two was a very exciting, just for Aragorn is a very very short time, but I want you to miss anything in the world.
Today romp eleven Norwegian Forest Cats and babies around the house every now and then.
Enough about, please check yourself I hope you enjoy browsing through my website.