General information on the young animals


At the time of submission (earlier than 16 weeks) of our kittens are dewormed and vaccinated against feline diseases following:

- Cat flu (2-fold)
- Panleukopenia (2 times)
- (Feline leukemia (2-fold))
- Rabies


Forest Cats are social, affectionate and curious animals. If you opt for such a creature, you should consider that animals also need a companion.
I transmit my kitten therefore preferably on multi-cat households or to people who have enough time for her cat.

Because a cat is not a decorative object, but a family member.

I for conveys no animals in the unprotected free-wheeling.


The price of a pedigree cat

This question may arise for many cat lovers who decide to buy a pedigree cat. Inspired by a visit to an exhibition race cat or cats in an article in a magazine, comes to many of the desire to possess one of these beautiful animals. Eagerly the classifieds in the animal market, or rolled in popular cat magazines, or it is requested by an association directly to young animals.

Quick to anger and frustration can make, given the broad, it seems exorbitant price expectations of the breeder. And some will
 wonder why he should lie down 700 € for a lover of animals, but not where he wants to breed and exhibit more of the pedigree is eventually gather dust on the shelf.

Quickly, there is agreement that breeder must be incredibly well-greedy and earn their young animals a fortune. But fortunately there are also still many "breeders" who bring their animals at low prices to the people. Their animals also have a family tree, but often cost only half as much as a cat breeder, our affiliated association.


What is behind such a striking price differences?

A welfare and breeding of animals has its price. Therefore must be considered fundamentally cheap offers at the fact that spin rates are only possible because breeders as puppies, they pay dearly with their physical and mental health.

In these unfortunate animals, there are often "products" from mass breeding, multiplication and sale are the only goal. The dams are much too early and too often shamelessly exploited coverage until they die weakened and emaciated, with the mating of the parents are health, quality and character, and no notice of any basic health care of the animals can not be assumed. You would be too expensive. In addition, the pups are often delivered too early (before the 13th week of life) - then the dam will be covered the same again. That juveniles who are under such circumstances, begotten and raised mostly sick and weak, may think himself a layman.


If the little one survives the first few weeks with his new owners to come on these often horrendous vet bills that exceed the amount that would have required a breeder of our association for one of his offspring, by far. Such animals may never be fully healthy, which is not only expensive but also means a lot of grief for the individual.


All breeders, 1 DEKZV Association members are subject to the guidelines for breeding, which are closely aligned with the Animal Welfare Act. They also regulate the minimum age for Erstdeckung of the dam and the frequency of the approved coverage as medical care (vaccinations, worming) and the earliest possible age limits of juveniles.


In this way optimal conditions are ensured, revealing healthy and mentally stable animals.
At the latest at this point should be clear that a species-appropriate and responsible use of animals has its price. Asked one of our breeder now a few hundred Euro for his young, he has this amount often cover just the costs that he has been for the little kitten must apply: Starting with the stud fees of the medical care of mother and children, through to high-quality forage, which guarantees an optimal basic services. Diseases do not counted against which even such a responsible breeder is not invulnerable. A business has to do with the sale of animals and thus does not!
Juveniles to be remarkably low prices offered, it is assumed that this is possible only by their physical and emotional needs were grossly violated.

Only those who produce cheap, can also sell cheap!

The price paid in the first place the animals! But the new owners come cheap of them in the rarest cases. The only revealing the happy out of business, are unscrupulous traders who profited by selling not only, but have also created room for new merchandise.


© IG Maine Coon im 1. DEKZV e.V




Just a few sentences in own thing .....

there are people under the "Cat prospective" who whine when you find out the price of a purebred cat from me, but then you run into the hundreds of euros and buy from television, music systems, car accessories, cosmetics, or take a vacation for a lot of money.

Then you can not be on a discount one, it applies equally as greedy and gets to his head thrown "Something like that I do not support", or worse yet is insulted .......

But you is this higher output for a new family member is not worth, please no need to buy pedigree cat with me and not even ask for me by an animal!

I accept this decision and would also like to see that the prices are accepted by me and colleagues from the breeder!